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I am a retired computer programmer and instructor, divorced, living in Mesa AZ. I have 3 children and a grandson. My hobbies include playing pinochle, bridge and chess, singing karaoke and barbershop harmony, creating and maintaining web pages. Also, using linux and testing numerous distros. I write non-fiction. I am a distributor of Kangen Water.

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Barbershop Harmony: The World's Greatest Secret
Pinochle: For Five to Eight Players
The Joys Of Karaoke
Is God Dead?

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Gary's Country Radio Station
blog for  East Valley Seniors
Two Under Par

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Click here for Barbershop Choruses
Click here for barbershop quartets
Click here for Sweet Adelines

Kangen Water

A friend convinced me to try Kangen Water - alkaline water with high anti-oxident properties with micro-clustering. Within 15 days, my blood sugar dropped 40 points; I lost 12 pounds and 2 pants sizes; I no longer needed oxygen, and no longer needed my anemia medication; My energy level went up considerably. I was so impressed, I bought the machine that produces the kangen water. I am now a distributor for Enagic.

Gary Efron

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